Tips for your fit vacation + Sayonara!

Aruba, Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahama, Key Largo, Montego… Kyoto.

If you couldn’t tell by my blogging hiatus, life has been a little busy. Tomorrow I’m jet-setting to Japan for a couple weeks of wanderlust. We’ll be spending some quality time in Kyoto with Ryo’s grandfather and several days in Tokyo — making frequent day trips to nearby destinations. Here are a couple of pictures from Ryo’s last trip:

I’ve been itching to get out of Boston to go anywhere the snow storms won’t follow… and I’m sure most cold-weather dwellers have been feeling the same. College students are counting down the days until their week off (if they haven’t gotten there already) and office employees are finding themselves searching getaway deals between answering emails.

Once you have your vacation booked, you’ll either do one of two things: 1. Swear off exercise for the week, or 2. Start to worry about how to stay on the fitness wagon. Either way, you want to relax… just not necessarily at the cost of your healthy routine. Here are some tips for exercising while on vacation:

  1. Make it a morning thing. Get up and workout before anyone else is ready to start their day.
  2. Get everyone involved by planning active vacation excursions like hikes, biking the boardwalk or paddle boarding.
  3. Pack the right gear. Get a travel yoga mat and have your carry-on double as a gym bag. If your sneakers are bulky, wear them to the airport. Skinny trainers more your style? Zip them in an outside suitcase compartment.
  4. Snacks – Working out will be difficult if you aren’t fueled appropriately. Bring protein powder, power bars and peanut butter on your trip, then stock up on fruit like bananas and apples when you get to your destination.

My fitness picks:

    • Yoga matManduka’s eKO SuperLite® Travel Mat rolls up super skinny and can fold to fit at the bottom of your suitcase.
    • Gym bag – A backpack or smaller bag that crosses over the body.
    • Bathing suit – Looking to do some water sports? Get a bathing suit that will cover your most valuable assets no matter how many times you fall off that paddle board. Athleta has some great finds.
    • Fitness apps – I really like the POPSUGAR Active app for short cardio workouts. Are you a yogi? Download Lululemon’s OmFinder to attend a class near your hotel.
    • Snacks – Those 100-cal granola bars shouldn’t be your go-to snack all the time, but quick carb bars are perfect for morning workouts. Bananas and peanut butter are great pre- or post-workout.

Happy and safe travels! I’ll be posting a lot of pictures from my trip on Instagram. Follow me, @emireerose.