What I’m loving lately: Beauty edition

My daily beauty routine is very simple: Wash face, moisturize, mascara, maybe blush, a gloss or chapstick and GO.

I’ve never been one to wear a lot of makeup or use a lot of product. My hair is mostly straight and it is very healthy. I’ve never dyed it, I always air dry and I only use hot tools a few times each month. My skin is mostly clear except for the occasional stress-induced breakout from time to time. And, while this is not a proven fact backed by my doctor, I attribute my clear skin to healthy eating, regular hot yoga and my obsession with hydration.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love fake eyelashes and red lips. But, many makeups cause my skin to break out and I don’t love that caked-on feeling.

Here are some of my favorite products…

Face wash

Japanese beauty products are on another level. This Shiseido product isn’t “all natural,” but it leaves my skin feeling super clean. It removes any oil, but doesn’t dehydrated.

I’ve used this brand ever since I met Ryo. Every time we go — or a family member goes —  to Japan, this face wash comes back. My second favorite after Shiseido Uno is St. Ives apricot scrub.beauty face


I’m a nighttime shower kind of person since I’m usually working out or teaching classes around dinner time. Also, I like to wash my hair then to rid it of sweat and let it air dry. In the mornings, I hop in the shower quick to rinse and wash my face (with Shiseido Uno). When I get out I apply body and face lotions. Right now I’m loving this Victoria’s Secret body butter. Again, not “all natural” but it’s paraben free.

For my face, I use yes to carrots because SPF is important and carrots make you glow (HowToEatRD has told me that for our entire friendship).



So, this actually isn’t foundation… it’s Smarty Plants CC with SPF 20. I was a little skeptical about this CC cream at first but it was love at first application. Most days, I toss it on right after my moisturizer. Smarty Plants “instantly and intuitively color corrects and visibly perfects so you look radiant and flawless without any fuss.” Seriously.  Plus, it has SPF. After this, I usually apply my Clinique cheek balm and Origins mascara and I’m good to go.

beauty cc


I listed a few of the makeup products that I use above. These two came in POPSUGAR Must Have boxes. First up is this Oh My Brow! brow highligher. I add a touch to my brows and the inner corners of my eyes. Then, this Smith & Cult lip lacquer. It’s the perfect pop of color without being too, too bold.

beauty gloss and brow


I love this Origins Clear Improvements charcoal mask. I’ve used it for a couple of years about once per week. If you are looking for a new mask, I highly suggest it.

Side note: Can you tell I LOVE Origins? Plus, they have great customer service. When a new perfume leaked all over my purse, I sent a note and then mailed me a new one right away.

beauty mask


This All Good sunscreen stick has really come in handy. I wear SPF on my face every day, but I don’t apply it everywhere unless I know I’ll be in the sun. I keep this sunscreen stick in my purse/makeup bag to cover areas (like my tattoos) when I’m out in the sun unexpectedly. It’s been great to have on vacations, too!

beauty sunblock

I’d love to hear about your favorite beauty products! Do you use natural products? Have you tried making your own? Sound off below.




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