6 healthy work snacks

Forget breakfast? Busy day at work? Did lunch get pushed back a couple of hours? It happens to all of us. Prep for success by adding a few healthy work snacks to your shopping list this week.

Buy snacks in bulk to keep at your desk — or portion snacks out on Sunday to bring in on Monday. Below are treats I keep at my desk to stay fueled, focused and attentive all day long.

1. Apples

When I go to the store for groceries, I buy a big bag of organic apples. I leave a few at home and take 5 to work on Monday. An apple is usually what I have as my mid-morning snack with a handful of nuts or tablespoon of nut butter. Apples have carbs to wake you up, and fiber to keep you full.

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2. Unsalted, raw nuts

IMO, Trader Joe’s is the best place to buy nuts in bulk unless you have a Costco or similar wholesale store nearby. Go for raw, unsalted. They make for the best healthy work snack — hello fiber and protein.

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3. Nut butter

Nut butter is great to keep at your desk for emergencies. If you aren’t afraid of someone stealing it out of the communal work fridge, buy a natural nut butter. Tr to resist the urge to spoon mouthfuls out of the jar and reserve it for your apples, to stir into yogurt or to add to oatmeal in the morning.

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4. Condiments/Spices

Two things I always keep at my desk are cinnamon and stevia. I’ve got a sweet tooth and I know it. The cinnamon is a nice touch to black coffee, my oatmeal or on plain yogurt. The stevia is for coffee and tea.

5. Dried fruit

Mix #2 and the dried fruit… Voila! Trail mix.  Something a friend of mine does is buy nuts and dried fruit in bulk. She tosses a mixture in a mason jar to bring to work for the week. The bill looks big up front, but saves you money in the long run. Promise.

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6. Instant oatmeal

I love oatmeal. I love green tea oatmeal, baked oatmeal, overnight oatmeal… and all of the oatmeal (here are five great ideas). Having packets of plain oatmeal in your desk drawer will keep you from stopping for a sugary muffin, running to the vending machine or skipping breakfast all together on those mornings you wake up late (or forget breakfast).

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