My name is Emily and I’m the fitness instructor, recipe developer and photographer behind Stay Healthy, Stay Happy. SHSH is your hub for mindful, simple wellness.  You’ll find workouts, motivational posts and a lot of recipes.

I just wanted to send some positive feedback on my Zumba class experience at the Post Office Square. Emily is one of the most competent instructors I have seen, I mean ever. She is easy to follow because she gives great visual, as well as verbal ques. I love that she can rotate herself to face the participants and then rotate back. I know how hard it is to do that and she makes it look effortless. Love it, love it, LOVE everything about it.


I take Emily’s Kick & Tone class, and I absolutely love it. The pace is awesome (very little downtime), and because of the punches, torso twists and bent-knee stance, I end up working muscles that I didn’t know I had. Emily smoothly incorporates both toning and high-energy movements, and varies the class from week to week so that it never gets boring. Plus the jabs feel amazing after a particularly trying work day, and Emily’s tips always make me feel like I’m learning *real* boxing moves (such as keep your chin down, protect your face, etc.).

Melissa Haley

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